Antibacterial hoof packing
Size: 190 ml

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Hoof-Stuff plugs deep holes and cracks that leave hooves susceptible to microbial invasion. Active ingredients eliminate bacteria and fungi, and natural fibres create pressure to support and promote healthy, natural tissue growth.

The fibrous, sticky consistency helps Hoof-Stuff stay in place so the active agents can provide lasting support to healthy tissues.

Hoof-Stuff is useful for white line cracks, central sulcus separation, cavities and grass cracks. For shallower, wider cracks, try Artimud.

All of the ingredients in Hoof-Stuff are natural and have been chosen either for their antibacterial and antifungal properties or to improve the consistency of the product.

Pick out and clean feet if necessary, use Sole Cleanse or salt water to flush any debris from the cavity to be packed. Allow to dry or use wadding to dry as much as possible. Push small sections of Hoof-Stuff deep into the cavity with a hoof pick, avoiding causing sensitivity. It is best not to pack the cavity all the way to the surface and in frog cavities to allow cracks to close in behind it – this helps the packing stay in. We suggest removing the packing after 2 days, if it comes out clean it may be left in longer next time and if it comes out dirty it is best to change it more often. Avoid getting the cavity wet before packing unless it needs to be flushed due to dirt infiltration.