Acrylic Hoof Adhesive

hoof care with acrylic adhesiveAcrylic hoof adhesive, also known as acrylic hoof repair or acrylic hoof glue, is a type of adhesive that is effective in equine hoof care. It is commonly used by farriers and veterinarians to treat hoof problems such as cracks, chips, or missing hoof wall. This adhesive is also formulated to reliably bond both aluminum and composite horseshoes directly to the hoof.

Acrylic hoof adhesive is a two-component system that when mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the mixture to harden and form a strong bond with the hoof.

The adhesive is applied to the affected area of the hoof, such as a crack or chip, and then shaped and contoured to match the natural shape of the hoof. It provides structural support and helps stabilize the hoof, allowing it to heal properly. Additionally, the adhesive can be used to build up areas of the hoof that have been damaged or are missing, restoring the hoof’s strength and functionality.

Acrylic hoof adhesive is designed to be durable and resistant to moisture and wear, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions and environments. It is important to note that the application of acrylic hoof adhesive should be performed by a trained professional, such as a farrier or veterinarian, who has experience in hoof care and repair.

If you are considering using acrylic hoof adhesive for your horse’s hoof issues, contact HoofMD for all your needs.