Product FAQ

What is the HOOF MD adhesive?

HOOF MD is a highly workable resin designed to be easily shaped and filed when applied directly to the hoof itself. When cured, it can be nailed directly into to hold a shoe or other hoof treatment supports.

What can HOOF MD be used to handle?

HOOF MD Adhesive can be used in many applications:

  • applying aluminum shoes
  • quarter crack patching
  • large area hoof reconstruction
  • creating laminitis support

How do you remove HOOF MD resin?

To remove a quarter patch or a glued shoe, rasp off the resin on the outside of the hoof wall so that the only remaining glue is between the hoof and the shoe itself. Using your pull off tool, crack the seal moving around the entire shoe and pull off the shoe as you would if it were nailed on. Any remaining glue can be ground off.

How is it used to treat laminitis or repair quarter cracks?

Once the affected portion of the hoof is removed, a new hoof wall can built up using a combination of HOOF MD and composite fabric material. After the Adhesive quick sets, the hardened resin can be filed or rasped into the desired final shape. At the next trim visit, simply rasp the supporting wall down with the healthy hoof as normal.

How and when was the formula developed?

The resin and application system was developed in 1988 with support from universities and equine centers to be used on high-performance horses with significant hoof stress. Today, the system has been adopted and is used world-wide to treat not only horses, but in commercial dairies, wildlife rescue centers and zoos.

Is HOOF MD easy to apply?

HOOF MD Adhesive One-time Use Directions

  1. Completely clean the hoof area of all dirt and particulates.
  2. Open main container and separate the accelerator bag and mixing cup.
  3. Hand mix the ingredient in the accelerator bag before cutting the nozzle open.
  4. Squeeze all of the accelerator directly on top of the adhesive itself.
  5. Mix the two completely without stopping for a minimum of 1.5 minutes.
  6. Apply mixture to the hoof and allow to set up.
  7. Dispose of any leftover materials in mixing container.
  8. Areas of bleeding drainage or infection should not be covered with reconstruction material.
  9. Allow 24 hours for total cure before competition.

Precautionary Statements: Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. No smoking. Do not breathe vapors. Use only with adequate ventilation. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood, refer to SDS for additional precautionary hazards.

What is its cure time?

HOOF MD’s 2 oz hoof repair adhesive sets in 4-7 minutes. Curing times will vary depending on your working space air temperature. Working time can be lengthened by cooling the adhesive in the refrigerator or cooler prior to use, or by warming to shorten the cure time.

What the recommended shelf life?

HOOF MD Adhesive will easily last 6 months from the label date and even longer if stored in a room temperature space away from direct sun or heat. For best performance, avoid freezing the adhesive.

Keep all of your adhesive out of your hot truck in the summer by storing in a cooler when you are traveling for best application results.

Can I use Impression Material as an adhesive?

HOOF MD Impression Material is not resin material and must be held in place with a wrap, pad or plate. It provides sole and frog protection for sensitive laminitic or dropped sole hooves.

What is HOOF MD Black Pigment?

Black pigment is a hoof match dye to more easily blend in repairs and support work on dark hoofs for a more appealing finished look. Each 10cc syringe should be adequate for coloring 3-4 pairs of glue on shoe adhesive.

To apply:

  1. Add 1cc of pigment per 60 grams of acrylic adhesive.
  2. Mix thoroughly until the color is completely uniform.
  3. Apply to hoof area.