2 Oz Hoof Repair Adhesive

Hoof repair adhesive is a specialized adhesive compound used in the field of farriery and hoof care to repair and strengthen damaged hooves in horses and other hoofed animals. It is designed to bond hoof materials together, providing structural support and promoting the healing of hoof injuries.

Our 2 oz hoof repair adhesive typically comes in the form of a two-component system, consisting of a resin and an activator. When these components are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the adhesive to harden and create a strong bond between the hoof materials. The adhesive hardens relatively quickly, allowing the horse to resume normal activity while the repair process continues.

Hoof repair adhesive is commonly used by farriers and veterinarians as part of their hoof repair and maintenance protocols. It provides an effective solution for addressing hoof adherence issues and can help restore the integrity and functionality of the hoof structure. Our acrylic hoof glue is also formulated for bonding aluminum or composite horseshoes directly to the hoof.

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