Repair Fabric

Polyester/Vectran. This is a flat 45-degree braided tape that is 4 inches wide (it requires no cutting). The blended material combines the bonding & structural strength of polyester with the structural strength & superior abrasion resistance of Vectran™. The white fibers are polyester and the light yellow fibers are the Vectran™. An excellent all-round repair material for almost all problems.

Size – 4” wide x 1 ft. length

*Pouch contains hang hole for easy display.

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We suggest using these fabrics with epoxy-methacrylate repair adhesives (HoofMD, EquAcrylic, Equilox, Equibond, Hoof-Lite, etc). This adhesive type gives you adequate time to saturate the fabric and carefully place the patch allowing it to be moved and repositioned during the repair process. Do not use polyurethane adhesives with these fabrics as they do not give you adequate working time to saturate the fabric and will not allow repositioning after application. Thoroughly saturate the fabrics with the adhesive and make sure that you use adequate material to overlap the crack, extending well beyond the edges or area to be repaired by at least 2 inches — this will help the repair share the load over a broad area and prevent localized stresses that could cause another failure. Generous use of stretch wrap will secure & cover the repair while it sets and help deliver a smooth hard surface after cure.

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