Horse Hoof Adhesive Cartridge MD-420 FAST


420 ml cartridge size


420 ml cartridge size.

This strong adhesive resin was developed to secure quarter cracks or reconstruct larger sections of hoof wall. This durable formula can be sanded, filed, shaped and nailed into to hold a shoe or other supports. Designed to be used to adhere aluminum or glue-on aluminum (sigafoose) shoes directly to the hoof. The 2oz size is enough for a single quarter crack treatment.

Set up time: Firm set in 4-6 minutes, reaches final set strength in 10-13 minutes at 70ºF.

This product is best when used under 6 months from fill date (see container date stamp) and will last even longer if stored refrigerated.

Other adhesives available: MD-420 SLOW 420 ml cartridge.

NOTE: This product is considered hazardous/flammable and is expensive to ship overnight by Air. Please contact us if you need special shipping.

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