Horse Shoe Adhesive

Adhesive choice of championsHoof MD has developed a new line of horseshoe adhesives that is extremely durable and effective when taking care of your horses’ hooves. Our strong adhesive resins were developed to give farriers the ability to fill both small spaces, such as nail holes, or large quarter cracks. We have designed this product to be durable enough so that it can be sanded, filed, shaped and nailed into to hold a shoe or other supports. Designed to be used to adhere aluminum or glue-on aluminum (sigafoose) shoes directly to the hoof.

Some of the additional benefits of our acrylic hoof adhesives are:

  • Maintenance of natural hoof function of support and flexion
  • Effective treatment hoof or lameness problems
  • Helps fix hooves with little trauma to the existing hoof wall
  • Effective for rebuilding a damaged hoof

Hoof MD offers adhesive for attaching acrylic hoof glue on horseshoes. This glue bonds steel, aluminum and urethane shoes, and is also useful for repairing cracks and creating extensions.