Equine Hoof Care

Equine Hoof Care
Maintaining a consistent routine is essential in equine hoof care. Regular cleaning and inspection enables farriers to spot and address early signs of thrush and other infections, as well as puncture wounds, cracks, abscesses, and other issues. Hoof MD makes proper hoof care for horses easier with a line of high quality, cost-efficient equine hoof care products.

The Hoof MD equine hoof care line offers a variety of advantages including:

  • High-Performance Formula
  • Economical
  • Easy to Use
  • Convenient Size Options

Hoof MD offers a variety of equine hoof care products, designed to resolve hoof issues and restore normal hoof form and functioning:

Horse Shoe Adhesive – this highly workable resin is applied directly to the hoof, and is developed for easy shaping and filing. Our acrylic hoof adhesives set in as little as 4 to 7 minutes.

Hoof Impression Material – formulated to provide effective relief from the soreness brought on by activity, injury, or other conditions.

Quarter Crack Repair – flexible resin shapes easily and fills tightly for a bond that withstands the highest degrees of pressure.

Acrylic Hoof Glue – It is a strong, fast-setting adhesive that is designed to bond and repair hooves, providing structural support and stability.

Our popular 2 oz hoof repair adhesives and hoof repair systems are trusted in the hoof care industry.

It’s easy to buy from the Hoof MD online store and we offer a variety of shipping options to get your equine hoof care products to you when you need them.