2 Oz Hoof Repair System

A hoof repair adhesive system is a comprehensive approach used for repairing and strengthening damaged hooves in horses and other hoofed animals. It typically involves multiple components and techniques aimed at addressing various hoof issues and promoting hoof health.

In HoofMD’s 2 oz. hoof repair system, we offer:

  • Hoof repair adhesive: This is the primary component of the system, a specialized adhesive compound designed to bond hoof materials together. It is used to repair cracks, chips, or other damage to the hoof walls or structures. Our acrylic hoof glue is also formulated for bonding aluminum or composite horseshoes directly to the hoof.

  • Mixing tools: The system may include tools like spatulas or mixing tips to properly blend the components of the adhesive before application.

  • Hoof wraps or bandages: These are used to provide additional support and protection to the repaired area after applying the adhesive. They help secure the repair and promote proper healing.

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