Bovine Hoof Care

Bovine hoof health care is an extremely important concern in dairies and other cattle operations. The primary reason bovine become lame usually relates to bovine walking on hooves with a compromised or unbalanced weight bearing surface. Preventive intervention is essential in promoting the well being of the cattle, in addition to sustaining production and profitability.

Since the health of cattle is significantly impacted by the condition of their legs and feet, proper bovine hoof care is a very important element in caring for cattle. Sore and painful feet may cause bovine to experience lower milk production, decreased breeding efficiency and other issues. Hoof disorders are largely preventable with consistent proper bovine hoof care, regular claw trimming and a clean and dry environment are also essential.

Most commonly occurring hoof problems in the bovines affect dairy cows. Laminitis is the frequent cause of hoof problems in cattle, aside from direct injury to the hoof, including punctures, ulcers, abscesses, and lacerations. Laminitis can also cause many other problems in the hoof that otherwise would only occur from direct injury. Other problems such as foot rot also produce large numbers of lame dairy cows each year.

Generally recommended bovine hoof care typically consists of hooves being checked, and if necessary trimmed, twice a year. Many dairy producers go through their herd every six months and trim only the cows that appear lame or have overgrown hooves.

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