Hoof Impression Material

Sold as a 3 lb. kit.

Available in:
Shore A 40 Durometer
Shore A 25 Durometer
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HOOF MD Hoof Impression Material is designed to provide protection and cushioning for soles and frog support for laminitis or dropped sole hooves when used with support shoes. This is not an adhesive material.

In collaboration with farrier and veterinary industry specialists Hoof MD has developed a safe hoof packing formulation for equine hoof care that provides crucial orthopedic support to the horse’s coffin bone and help maintain a healthy frog. The Hoof MD Silicone Hoof Packing material is “gas-permeable”. This unique property allows treatment materials (copper sulfate) mixed with the silicone to slowly pass thru the cured silicone as treatment.

A horse’s frog is comprised of irregular soft surfaces and acts like a pump to move the blood back to the animal’s heart and therefore, care of the frog and the hoof in general, is critical to a horse’s health.

Our Hoof Impression Material is a great solution for enhancing caudal foot function as it is designed to expand and contract with the natural movement of the horse, helping to absorb concussive forces by dissipating energy and distributing support more evenly over a broader area.

For use with pads, mesh, tape, boots, bar and z-bar shoes or adhesives, our non-toxic odorless formulation is recommended by industry professionals as the perfect product for a multitude of hoof support issues.

Our non-shrinking, flexible formulation helps overcome contracted and underrun heels, improve overall frog quality and pastern alignment, stimulates and improves blood circulation during treatment, and aids in combating pathologies such as Laminitis, Founder, navicular syndrome, and Thrush.

Set up time: Firm set in 6-8 minutes at 70ºF