MD 210 – 30 Second Hoof Adhesive

30 Second Urethane Adhesive
  • Foal Extensions
  • Hoof Adhesive
  • Create custom shoe in minutes
  • Hold thin, brittle hoof walls together
  • Small hoof repairs
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MD 210 30 Second Urethane Adhesive

Start with a dry hoof and remove any excess dirt from the hoof using a wire brush. Sand the walls of the hoof lightly using a sanding block, disk sander or a Dremel tool.

Dry hoof thoroughly using a heat gun for 30-45 seconds. Do not overheat.
Before attaching the mixing tip, equalize the cartridge by dispensing out a small amount to ensure that both sides are dispensing evenly.
Never apply the adhesive over an infection, it could result in further complications. Contact your Veterinarian for treatment and allow the infection to clear completely before attempting repairs.

NOTE: This procedure is best done wearing latex gloves. For foals less than 30 days old, do not bring material up onto the hoof wall as this could constrict the growth of the hoof. Also, do not lock both heels in with the material.

  1. Follow hoof preparations instructions above.
  2. Hold the hoof upright and dispense a 1/4 inch layer of MD-210 around the hoof wall.
  3. Hold foot for 1-2 minutes and then set down.
  4. Apply additional layers until the desired shape and length is achieved.
  5. Rasp and trim as desired.

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